9 ways to change your life with sausage

Listicles. Have they ever changed anyone’s life? Fuet sausage might have had a better impact. Don’t ask me why.

The word listicle sounds like… well, you know what.

We don’t need more listicles hanging out there (pun intended). We certainly don’t need more headers to read and paragraphs to skim through. We need what we read to move us into something.

But I get it. This could well be a listicle in hairy camouflage. After all, short posts don’t heavily invest you. Books stand a better chance. A good story that we choose to finish in distraction age has better potential for action.

But a long story is hard. I’m not sure you would even start reading it. Or the truth is that I wouldn’t know where to start.

You know what? I’ll start hunting for a good listicle. There must be something out there on writing.

Maybe I can find 10 ways to make a long story short (hang in there).


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