Being right or winning

Photo by Mathew Wiebe

When confronted with authority, we confuse being right with winning.
Being right is almost impossible when the boss is the one defining the rules of the game.

Yet it seems easier to want to persuade the boss about your ethics, to look for support from peers that will agree with you on unfairness and oh god how can’t he see it.

Of course he can’t and neither could you. The man is the measure of all things. Winning the game, on the other hand, is a different story…

Is it more sales? Is it reducing churn? Whatever it is, win it. Bend the rules if you must and own the success of that story.

Wanting to purely be right makes us clash and become distant while the game remains the same. But winning the game creates a story worth listening to, a right to speak about the rules and an opportunity to actually be right.

Not that it matters.


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