Cash only

Don’t forget vs. Please remember.

Don’t touch vs. Handle with care.

Don’t leave your luggage unnatended vs. Keep your belongings with you at all times.

Achtung, Cuidado, Attention and Mind the gap are all arguably positive in themselves (they don’t need qualifying negations).

Maybe that’s why they resonate with me.

What about Don’t stop reading vs. Pay attention? But «paying» attention, really?

Well, if you are gonna pay, I’d better hang up the We don’t accept credit cards sign.

Only joking, I’ll try with cash only.

P.S. Cash only works better in the real world too. It makes me feel inadequate enough to go to the ATM. The alternative may do the job, but makes me feel the retailer is the inadequate. Don’t ask me why (or cut me some slack, be positive).


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