It’s not exactly what I’m looking for

Most opportunities live in the fine lines, in the thin border of our circle. We are almost never idle at the center. Poking around at the edges, alternating preparation with exploring and sensing what’s outside. That’s what we do.

Nothing is exactly what we are looking for. Until we are almost past the fine line. If we cross abruptly, then that present isn’t exactly what we expected and the past wasn’t either (or why did we cross like that?).

See, what we are looking for (the reason why we look) is less about what’s behind the thin line and more about noticing the line.

Growth happens when we deal with the border. Sometimes we end up with a bigger circle and people talk about the comfort zone. Though it’s even more magical when we redefine the lines. When crossing and growing have brand new meanings.

That’s what we are looking for (it’s just not always exact).


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