So difficult to meet up

Have you noticed the time you spend coordinating a simple meet-up? How much of your asynchronous texting results in real world encounters?

The problem is worse with acquaintances than close friends. Ouch, but friends must be acquaintances before they mutate.

Don’t blame technology. Blame the (illusion of) endless possibility.

Committing to lunch in the middle of the weekend could ruin the possibility of that amazing full day plan which you never come up with. Or what if I’m really lazy at that time? Better play it by ear on Saturday…

Some will say that we are at least more in control. But control is not worth much in the vacuum.

What about impatience? If we don’t need to commit, then we don’t need to work on tolerance. An atrophied tolerance muscle constantly seeks (non-existent) perfect people.

Nothing beats real connection. Or better said, nothing like the ilusion of connection to beat connection.

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