The donkey, the horse and the unicorn

We walk every day with the blinkers on.

Sometimes we put them on ourselves. Others, time and life do it for us but we keep them on.

The donkey wants to graduate to horse, to carry less mundane stuff and bring an important person to some place meaningful.

The horse wants to graduate to unicorn and be free in the skies.

The unicorn loves being unique in its kind but then encounters the unbearable solitude of its condition.

Of course, all three find nothing in the extremes.

As for us, we cannot fly, but we can try to drop our unnecessary luggage.

We can trick the rider (let them think the blinkers are on) and become aware of our wings (not to fly away but to stay here and slap life when she least expects it).

Did you realise equine is an anagram of unique? Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I’m going to be an ambitious donkey and drop that extra e. Then, as a free unicorn, I’ll replace it with a u.

How come? Well, horses can trick their riders.


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