The teacher is always right

You can be very lucky and find a great teacher. When that happens (and you are interested in the subject) you know they are great at the time and you remember them forever.

You can be even luckier and find an awful teacher. When that happens (and you are interested in the subject), you also know it at the time because you feel superior to them – and apply yourself heavily. You may not remember them but you do remember your commitment and progress in spite of them.

It’s easy today to shop around for what you are interested in. Access to information is not an issue any longer (even if quality varies).

It’s also easier than ever to pass the blame to the information, to the disengaging content and to still make the delivering teacher responsible (and secondary).

Do you commit to your interests? How else do teachers and information stand a chance at being memorable?


Maybe this is just a modern, clumsy (but committed) way to say that the teacher only appears when the student is ready.

I’ve a lot to learn.


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