Unnecessary daily status meetings

They put us on the spot but allow us to hide.

They get in the way of good work but steer us back into purpose.

They make those who don’t like each other uncomfortable but offer a place to meet in their differences.

They put us in a no-doubt position about what is to be done but make miss-communication even more awkward (how come? We made that clear yesterday)

They force everyone to greet each other daily, on common grounds, instead of taking each other for granted.

They remind us of the importance of our work (and bring back to Earth those who think of theirs as the most important one)

They are not necessary but they can work.

Just keep them drastically punctual and short. No seats allowed. Have them standing up.

Be ruthless with those who hijack and transpire prerogatives.

Most importantly: Be even harder if that one is you. Call the bluff on your acquired privileges.

We hate repetition but crave cohesion.

One day at a time.


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