What would you do if you were me?

Three requests behind this one:

  • Please become me with your super powers and analyse all the possibilities, my feelings and my history. Then tell me exactly what I should do. It won’t be my sole decision anymore. So if I execute, you share responsibility.
  • Literally, simply predict what I will do (knowing me, predict as an expectator, just for fun?). If I execute, your input would have still been there beforehand, and thus you share responsibility.
  • Please tell me something different from what I really want to do. If I execute, you will have all the responsibility. If I do my own thing and it works I can reassure myself. If it doesn’t, I will have new hopes in your (now believable) super powers.

An alternative question: You won’t believe what I did – wanna hang out so I tell you all about it?


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